Green Tea EGCG Extreme & trade (390mg EGCG, 100 veggie capsules)

Chromium GTF (200mcg, 100 capsules) Chromium GTF (200mcg, 100 capsules)A must for healthy weight management. Chromium GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) with ChromeMate® is a niacin-bound, biologically active form of chromium that supports proper insulin function in the body. Insulin plays an important role in weight management, heart and muscle health. Chromium may help the body control sugar cravings for successful weight management.

Brief Product detail, how it works

An essential mineral, chromium supports the body’s natural metabolism, while promoting proper insulin levels. Insulin is part of the fundamental biological processes of moving glucose out of the blood stream and into cells.

Research indicates chromium helps open the door to the cell membrane, allowing glucose to enter.  This occurs when chromium is converted into Glucose Tolerance Factor, which supports the functions of insulin in the body.

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